About Us

Who we are

Island Athletics was created to provide the athletes with a chance to learn and grow athletically.

Our top priority, regardless of age is the safety of our athletes. With our younger athletes we focus on educating them on proper form and techniques. With our high school athletes, we prepare them for the collegiate level by developing and improving their skills, while we fine tune our college athletes to ensure they reach their full potential.

Our Main Focuses

Form & Technique

Mobility & Flexibility

Foot work




Due to new restrictions brought on by COVID-19, we are currently only accepting 1 on 1’s and small group sessions. We hope to get back to our larger group workouts once it is safe. Our outdoor workouts are weather dependent and are held on either the field, track or the beach, depending on what is best for the group. Every workout is instructed by certified trainers who have multiple years of experience.

Our workouts provide a great opportunity for aspiring athletes of all ages and levels of talent. We do not however, work with athletes younger than middle school ages, as the trainers will start to slowly introduce them to safe weight lifting. Our trainers have plenty of experience working with a wide variety of athletes, ranging all the way from youth to professional levels.

Island Athletics truly provides a great opportunity for every athlete to excel in their sport, and we are eager to start working with them. Please send us a message with any questions, or to schedule a meeting. We are looking forward to working with you!