Our remote programming utilizes an app called TeamBuildr, allowing us to provide you with workouts directly on your phone. Each exercise will come with an instructional video displaying proper form, along with suggested reps, sets and weight to use. 

Customized Programming - Completely personalized programming based on your individual obstacles and goals. Each program will be designed around what equipment you have access to. 

2 Day Per Week - $100/month

3 Day Per Week - $125/ month

4 or 5 Days Per Week - $150/month

General Programming - A much more affordable way to work with us! We build these 4 day programs based on general outlines and what athletes that age should be expected to do in the weight room. 

Programs available - Middle School Athlete

High School Athlete

College Athlete

Adult - Knee Pain 

Adult - General Fitness

$30/month for Athlete Programs 

$50month for Adult Programs