Our Focus

To teach proper movement patterns, allowing for athletic progression while keeping you safe and injury resistant.

Expected From You

- Commitment. Focus. Effort. -

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Working with Anthony has really prepared me for my junior year at Villanova, improving my speed, lateral quickness and strength while I was home during quarantine was first class. Can’t wait to get back next summer and expand.

Cole Swider - Villanova Men’s Basketball

Anthony and island athletics has help me recover from a serious injury, regain mobility, stability and explosiveness. His programs are specifically made for the athlete and will get you to the next level

Matt Sewall - NFL free agent

Island athletics is the best thing to happen to the New England area for athletes like myself. Not only do they focus on improving strength/athletic ability, they also emphasize the importance of mobility, stability, and range of motion. Which are crucial for injury prevention, longevity and joint health. After a long basketball season I couldn’t be more grateful and excited to get back to work with them!

Hassan Martin - Olympiacos B.C

Working with Anthony Tingley and the Island Athletics staff helped me to get ready to play college basketball through improving my mobility and and my footwork. Not only was I pushed everyday by them, but I got a great workout which helped me gain skills and technique to be ready for college workouts !

Kylie Swider - Villanova Women’s Basketball

Island Athletics was a great find!! With a focus on injury prevention, speed, and agility among many other things, Anthony’s training was just what I needed to prepare me for college basketball.

Megan Bodziony - Fordham Women’s Basketball

Island athletics is perfect for me and is exactly what all aspiring athletes need. After working with Anthony, I noticed a drastic change in my athleticism, even having a high level scout complimenting my agility. Working with Anthony has helped me accomplish my goal of reciting multiple D1 offers. As I continue working with Anthony I have no doubt in my mind he will do everything it takes to help my reach my ultimate goal of making the NBA.

Taylor Bowen - #17 ESPN Class 2023

Anthony and Island Athletics helped me make a huge improvement in my movement capacity as a pitcher coming off of Tommy John Surgery. I am now better able to use my hips to create optimal power and velocity on the mound while also reducing the chance of injury. The work put in will no doubt help me become an elite pitcher in the NE-10 conference this season.

Brian Wojichowski - Saint Anslem College

Working with Anthony has completely reshaped my perspective on training. His focus on preparation for and recovery from movement have allowed me to be quicker and lighter on my feet, and transition between lateral and forward movements more smoothly on the court. I’ve also finally been able to see massive improvements in my hip mobility due to his programming, which is something I’ve struggled with for years.

Gab Decomo - Suffolk Women’s Basketball

Anthony knows his stuff. Since I started working with Island Athletics I have not had any pain in my knees. I have seen a lot of growth in my hip mobility and my vertical. If you want to become a next level athlete, he is your guy.

Cam Collins - Salve Regina Basketball

Anthony and the team at Island Athletics are great ! Over the past few months I have seen a complete transformation in my mobility and athleticism. I highly recommend these guys !! 

Thor Brochu, Salve Regina Basketball

Island athletics has taught me how to take care of my body and take my athleticism to the next level. Anthony showed me the importance of stretching, mobility, and technique. The workouts we have done have correlated directly to my game making me a better player and all around better athlete. My knees have bothered me my whole life until I started working out with Anthony because he specifies each workout to each individual. I’ve noticed so much improvement and can’t wait to keep grinding!

Mikey Spencer - Salve Regina Basketball

Working with island athletics has improved my mobility. since starting i've seen growth in all aspects of my athleticism. i plan to continue on this program and put myself in a great position for next year. Tune in.

Kevin Kelly - Salve Regina Basketball